Universities, research centres, training actors

  • Exploit ASSET tools, community and materials to easily build interdisciplinary courses
  • Connect with industry and engage in mobility support to increase the value of the programmes offered to students

Policy makers, authorities, public administrations, market regulators

  • Increase awareness of students and all citizens on energy policies and planning
  • Reflect on societal impacts from the perspective of citizenship

Societal actors

Consumers' associations, professional associations, trade unions, industrial associations, chambers of commerce

  • Increase social awareness about energy transition
  • Increase the competences and skills of their members and associates to play an active role in the energy transition

Companies from the energy sector

  • Find appropriate programmes to quickly up skill personnel in technological, innovation and business subjects in different formats (short programmes, MOOCs, lab training)
  • Connect with universities (through mobility support, invited lectures to be given by industry representatives, provide examples of operational problems) so that new engineers and energy experts are well prepared for the energy reality

Students (university) and new employees

  • Upgrade skills to improve the current position through high quality materials inspired from real life industrial operations
  • Connect with education and labour market

Energy citizens

Individuals as potential energy citizens, prosumers, renewable energy communities, rescoops, rescoop federations

  • Learn how to be energy efficient and how to benefit from innovative energyservices Learn how to be actively involved in the energy transition
  • Become aware of the potential social and economic impacts generated by individual and collective actions