ASSET will involve actors that can contribute to fuel interdisciplinary research combining social sciences and humanities disciplines and capable of reaching out to the society to create the new generation of energy-sensitive citizens that are part of the energy transition mission. And second, to deliver the framework and means for the continuous collaborative definition of the knowledge-competencies-skills required for the energy transition and for continuous resource pooling to efficiently educate/train large numbers of people in diverse and interdisciplinary topics and carry out research and innovation activities. 

The overall goal of ASSET is split in the following specific objectives:

  • Attract and engage different actors (universities, research centers, and training actors; students (university) and new employees; companies from the energy sector; policy makers, authorities, public administrations, and market regulators; societal actors and energy citizens) to ASSET community
  • Define a conceptual framework to facilitate and significantly accelerate the creation of new learning modules and update the currently available programmes
  • Foster interdisciplinary disciplines in research, innovation and education services
  • Strengthen collaborations between academia and industry
  • Support trainers to cultivate new talents in the new generation of engineers
  • Develop innovative programmes to educate students, trainers, employees, and citizens