The first issue of NEWCOMERS newsletter includes an article on ASSET project.    

The article is titled: Social Sciences and Humanities at the very core of H2020

A complex SSH study on the Energy Transition process has been planned and is actually in progress. The SSH involvement in such a technical field is relevant because it aims at extending and translating the Energy Transition discourse more into civil engagement. Energy transition at local and national levels must cope with several societal challenges, such as conflict of interest, social costs of transition, political mediation, etc.

The second strand of activities concerns the preparation of a specific educational offer in order to widen student preparation in the energy sector with an interdisciplinary approach. In May the ASSET MOOC offer will be launched on the EMMA platform including three MOOCs from the SSH, so crosscutting disciplinary barriers: Green professionalization and ethics will explore the role of professionals in promoting fair and sustainable energy transition. Corporate Communication and Corporate Social Responsibility will provide essential information on what corporate social responsibility means when faced with environmental sustainability. Finally, A holistic approach for Energy Transition: territory, networks, and sustainability focus on the socio-territorial and environmental perspective in order to understand Energy Transition as a social construction process.

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