This is the fifth "special" issue of the Newsletter of the ASSET project devoted to COVID19 & ENERGY TRANSITION.

The sudden COVID19 spread during the last 4 months (February, March, April and May 2020) has overturned our everyday routines, our working schemes, and the overall economic and productive system of the majority of the EU countries, as well as of many other countries all over the world.

Overall, the COVID-19 crisis has caused a large decline in economic factors (incomes and unemployment) across all EU, even if the consequences of the pandemic and related lockdowns highlight significant disparities across the Member States. The importance of “Energy” for economic growth, employment, and quality of life, especially of the most vulnerable people in society, arouses a few critical questions:

  • What is the likely impact of this event on the Energy sector?
  • Can the Energy Transition process become a flywheel to contribute to the recovery of the economic system (new market products and services, new working opportunities) and to trigger a comprehensive societal r-evolution in terms of raising awareness and engaging citizen in the big environmental challenges we are facing (e.g. pollution, wastes, climatic changes)?
  • And, lastly, what might be the concrete contribution that the ASSET Project can offer to make Energy Transition an opportunity for the post-COVID19 economic recovery?

This special issue of the ASSET Newsletter will try to answer these questions. All this information and more can be found opening the PDF file below.