Last 20th of February, the ASSET Roadshow #2 took place in Madrid as part of the activities of the ASSET project.

A key tool of the ASSET engagement strategy is 3 events which will be organized respectively in Italy (Milan), Spain (Madrid) and Belgium (Brussels), by the consortium's local partners, as stages of a sole ideal path.

Asset Roadshow 1

The event was organized by Atos with the collaboration of Universidad Politécnica de Valencia and Etra Group.

The aim of this second event was to involve key representatives of the main stakeholder groups (companies, policymakers, universities and training actors), to exchange views, establish the dialogue and listening the different actors to help on co-creation and approach the issues of how to address the energy transition in Spain and the European Union, and also identify the training needs that will be needed in the future.

Asset Roadshow 2

An example of companies that were registered and attended the event were: Siemens Gamesa, Fundación Repsol,, Applus, Virtual Ware Group, Rioglass, Aditum, Aeioluz, Grup Imedes. And also Universities such as Universidad de Comillas, Universidad Carlos 3 de Madrid. 

The overall objective of this event was to raise awareness of the added-value of engaging with the ASSET Community and to put the bases for the future sustainability of the project. 

The final part of the event included co-creation sessions where all participants shared their opinions and vision regarding different topics related to the Energy Transition.

Asset Roadshow 3

The event survey and the final agenda are available in the file below. More details and photos will be available in the next project Newsletter, please subscribe and join our community as well.