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General description:

Ènostra is the first national not for profit and democratic RES electricity supplier in Italy, founded in 2014 and promoted by Avanzi, Reenergize, and EnergoClub thanks to the RESCoop20-20-20 project (www.rescoop.eu). The cooperative aims at enhancing the number of renewables on the global production and consumption and reducing waste of energy, thus contributing to transition to a low carbon energy system.

On 2015 ènostra has become a member of the EU REScoop Federation (in place of Avanzi, co-founder of the REScoop Federation) and on March 2016 it started delivering, at the national level, sustainable electricity to households and SMEs, with special tariffs reserved to not for profit organizations. To make sure that the energy sold to its members is sustainable and ethical, ènostra developed the assessment tool, with the supervision and validation of a Scientific Committee.
This “sustainability matrix” is applied to photovoltaic, wind and hydro plants to be selected and to the company profile of the owners. Among the exclusion criteria, the tool assesses, for instance, that a photovoltaic system does not subtract land for agricultural use or that the producer is not involved in fossil power production, nor has economic connections or interests on fossil fuels, thus encouraging a divestment approach. On one hand, this choice aims at avoiding bare green washing practices, and on the other, it supports renewable energy production with particular
favor for collective and socially accepted plants

Role in the project

Ènostra will lead the ASSET ecosystem community coordinating all the activities around it and will be in charge of the communication-dissemination with energy citizens, and contribute to activities to ensure the exploitation of ASSEST’s results through its networking after the project lifetime.