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Logical Soft is an Italian software house founded in 1985 that develops, markets and supports software solutions for the construction industry. Logical Soft provides training, technical assistance, and rapid software updates to comply with new regulations and technologies. Over 15.000 customers in civil engineering, architecture, and thermodynamics fields are currently using our technical software as well as utility companies and government agencies. We also, support universities and research centers with a dedicated academic program.

With over 130.000 registered users and more than 13.000 attendants at conferences and courses organized throughout Italy every year, we are constantly in touch with the Italian professional network of designers and engineers.
Main activities software development and services Software developed by Logical Soft covers various thematic in the construction industry and building sectors, mainly related to:
- Energy efficiency
- Seismic and structural analysis
- Acoustics
- Safety on construction sites

Role in the project

In the project “ASSET”, LOGICAL SOFT will implement all project activities allocated according to ASSET work plan, taking part in the identification of skills and training needs, delivery of MOOCs and interdisciplinary programs in smart & flexible energy systems and SSH and other cross-cutting themes. Leading WP5, LOGICAL SOFT will give a significant contribution to dissemination, communication, and sustainability of the ASSET results.