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General description:

OTEAcademy is a daughter company of the OTE Group, which is a member of the Deutsche Telecom Group. On 25 September 2015, OTE announced that merges the fixed, internet and mobile operations under the COSMOTE brand name. OTE Group is the dominant voice telephony provider in Greece and forms the leading group of companies in fixed, mobile/cellular and satellite nationwide, while together with its subsidiaries in Albania and Romania addresses a potential customer base of 60 million people,
making OTE one of the largest telecommunications provider in Europe.

OTE Academy focuses on the development of human resources by offering innovative and exclusive professional training services and postgraduate studies for the whole group of OTE companies. In detail, OTEAcademy is the only accredited training center of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise and Cisco Networking Academy in South-eastern Europe, the sole certified training partner of Oracle and HP in Greece, and Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

On the technological excellence, OTE Academy performs R&D for the OTE group of companies in five domains, namely optics, wireless, transmission, core network subsystem and software (with emphasis on Mobile Applications). R&D activities are carried out in the context of internal, international, European and national projects, including state of the art R&D activities in mobile applications and user acceptance experiments, utilising advanced mobile/cellular network simulators capable of realistically reproducing current cellular network deployments and topologies, thus offering a general platform for testing new technologies, protocols and models in practical scenarios.

Role in the project:

OTE Academy will contribute to the adoption and customization of the learning graph model in the energy sectors and in the personal and business skill development area. It will also provide learning components (graphs and content relevant to business skill development). Additionally, it will lead the design and execution of the “trainers’ training” capitalizing on its experience on exactly this topic.