Full name

General description:

The University of West Attica (abbreviated as UWA) founded as the result of merging two Technological Institutes (TEI of Athens and Piraeus University of Applied Sciences) of the country. The establishment of UWA aims at tackling the educational, social, cultural and developing needs of the country that are linked with the following cognitive fields:

  • Social, Administrative and Financial Sciences
  • Engineer Science
  • Food Science
  • Health and Care Sciences
  • Fine Arts Science

UWA now has 5 Schools and 26 Departments, constituting the third biggest university in Greece in terms of enrolled students. University of West Attica participates in ASSET through three different departments so as to offer the opportunity to validate ASSET offerings replication in multiple student audiences and aggregate important expertise: The department of Industrial and Production Engineering, the department of Electricaland electronic engineering and the Department of Computer Engineering.

The ASSET team members have more than 20-yrs experience in R&D at both academic and industry levels, while the team is collaborating with professionals and other research groups at a global level, working on joint research projects, supported by national and international research funds. They also are involved in policy making
in the energy sector. University of West Attica has technically led H2020 STROM and TRILLION Projects through the CoNSeRT (CoMPUTER NETWORKS & SeRVICES RESEARCH TEAM) team that was founded in 2016, and formally established in 2018, as part of the Communications & Networks Lab of the Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department of the University of West Attica (UWA). Its main objectives include research and teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, the establishment of appropriate infrastructures, participation in research programs, provision of services and interconnecting with social, scientific and productive organizations on subjects related to the research focus of the Lab.

Role in the project:

UWA has significant experience in research and in the technical administration of H2020 research projects. The members of the UWA team have long records of scientific/technical publications. Prof. Leligou will lead this team which comes from three different departments to enable the delivery of the ASSET courses to students of these departments. UWA will technically lead the project contributing both in the creation of materials, in the design/customization of the tools that enable the creation of the ASSET ecosystem, in the creation of the ASSET community and finally in the delivery of training.